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Established in 2000, Shenzhen’s European Office is a business service provider representing the City of Shenzhen, China´s first Special Economic Zone. 


SZEO offers consultation to European companies wishing to enter the Chinese market through Shenzhen, as well as to Shenzhen-based companies looking to enter the European market.


In addition, we serves as a liaison for the Shenzhen Municipal Government and acts as a point of contact for all economic related inquiries on behalf of the municipal government.


SZEO is supported by the Shenzhen City Government, Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and various private alliances with key organizations and professional firms. We provide free consultation and matchmaking services to European and Shenzhen companies, including market analysis on trade and investment opportunities in Shenzhen's core and emerging industries, business development consulting and matching of key development opportunities between Shenzhen and Europe. 

Our Services

Business Operation Consulting

  • Shenzhen's latest industry planning and favorable policies
  • Corporate registration and enrolment procedures
  • Information on business operation costs in Shenzhen
  • Arrangement of on-site visit and setup meetings with relevant organizations

Company Registration Consulting:

  • Information on commercial service suppliers, such as accountants, lawyers and real estate agencies
  • Business operation site selection support
  • Assistance in contacting other appropriate governmental departments for administrative verification and approvals

Living in Shenzhen Information Service

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Culture and entertainment

Follow-up Services for Enterprises

  • Provide networking opportunities between industries
  • Organizing FAQ sessions to answer general questions for existing enterprises
  • Publication of up-to-date industry policies on a regular basis
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