Shenzhen, a city of openess and innovation and your perfect gateway to China

Shenzhen is a major gateway for communication between China and the rest of the world and is the perfect location to explore your international business potential.

  • The Silicon Delta
  • Optimum innovation eco-system 
  • A Gateway to the Greater Bay Area
  • Home to 7 Fortune 500s
  • Labor force with high qualifications
  • High degree of legalization and marketization
  • Resources of local high-tech business partners
  • Most efficient government services in China
  • UNESCO Cities of Design
  • UNEP International Garden City
  • and so much more...

What's on now

Top 3 companies headquartered in Shenzhen

William Smith (2019, Sept 18). Retrieved from 

The city of Shenzhen has experienced rapid growth since becoming China’s first Special Economic Zone in 1980. With a reputation for electronics, it is only natural that some of China’s largest technology companies are headquartered in the city. Here, Business Chief takes a look at three giants from the city.

Booming Shenzhen city asked to launch financial innovations

The Chinese government is mulling efforts to support financial cooperation between Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province, and Hong Kong, a move that experts said would help bring stability to Hong Kong, whose financial sector has been hit by the riots that have swept across the city. 

China’s future path reflected in master plan for Shenzhen

China's master plan to build Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province, into a model city for the country with global competitiveness, not only lifted market sentiment on Monday but also, more importantly, sent one of the clearest signals yet of how the country plans to move forward at a critical juncture marked by both enormous opportunities as well as profound challenges.

Why Shenzhen 

By That's PRD, September 18, 2019

Shanghai is a cool city, there’s no doubt about it. For one, they’ve got xiaolongbao, and we’ll admit that we could stop there and you’d be left with a pretty solid argument for why the Pearl of the Orient is great. And yeah, there’s also incredible architecture, solid nightlife, arts, culture and just about everything one needs in a city. 

SEO: Shenzhen's European Office 

Shenzhen’s European Office (SEO)

is a Europe based business service provider

representing the city of Shenzhen, 

China´s first Special Economic Zone..


SEO offers guidance and consultation to European companies and organizations wishing to enter the Chinese market by means of trade, investment, technology, innovation, commercialization and startups. 


Meet Shenzhen: Network and Expand in China's Leading Tech City

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Meet Shenzhen: Network and Expand in China's Leading Tech City

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Shenzhen is connected to the world. 7 trade and economic representative offices of Shenzhen at different cities across the world have been established to ensure timely service. 

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