Shenzhen, a city of openess and innovation and your perfect gateway to China

Shenzhen is a major gateway for communication between China and the rest of the world and is the perfect location to explore your international business potential.

  • The Silicon Delta
  • Optimum innovation eco-system 
  • A Gateway to the Greater Bay Area
  • Home to 7 Fortune 500s
  • Labor force with high qualifications
  • High degree of legalization and marketization
  • Resources of local high-tech business partners
  • Most efficient government services in China
  • UNESCO Cities of Design
  • UNEP International Garden City
  • and so much more...

What's on now

Global Conference Spurred Large Influx of Investment to Shenzhen


Retrieved from Business Wire


The second global investment promotion conference wound up in the booming southern Chinese city on Tuesday covering 780 billion yuan ($119.5 billion) worth of contracts, cementing its leading position for foreign investment in China. A total of 242 projects reached agreements of intent, of which 40 significant projects were sealed at the conference, the city's most important investment event. They included the South China headquarters project of US retail giant Costco Wholesale, the innovation center project of the world leading health technology company Royal Philips and the research and manufacturing base project jointly developed by AstraZeneca and Kanvax for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Culture empowers 'SZ manufacturing' 


Retrieved from Shenzhen Daily


“Shenzhen provides a very good platform for cultural and creative products to enter the international market. A large number of domestic and foreign talent gather here, promoting the rapid development of cultural and creative industries,” said Yi Ping, designer of the packaging box for EvaNewtonJobs.

Statement of the Office



The Shenzhen European Office took note of a false report about our office by an online media outlet. These claims, based on conjecture and presumption, are unfounded and misleading. Our office represents the Shenzhen city government in Europe. Over the years we have helped and will continue to facilitate foreign direct investment to Shenzhen, the promotion of exports to Europe, as well as enabling bilateral trade between both sides. 

SEO: Shenzhen's European Office 

Shenzhen’s European Office (SEO)

is a Europe based business service provider

representing the city of Shenzhen, 

China´s first Special Economic Zone..


SEO offers consultation to European companies and organizations who wish to enter the Chinese market via trade and investment.t


Meet Shenzhen: Network and Expand in China's Leading Tech City

Date: 15. Oct 2019

09:30 – 12:00 BST


Venue: KPMG



1 St Peter's Square


M2 3AE

United Kingdom

Meet Shenzhen: Network and Expand in China's Leading Tech City

Date: 16. Oct 2019

14:00 – 16:00 BST


Venue: TusPark Newcastle Eagle Labs



27 Grainger Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


United Kingdom

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Shenzhen is connected to the world. 7 trade and economic representative offices of Shenzhen at different cities across the world have been established to ensure timely service. 

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